Oasis Trails is a legal entity, a foundation. But it is much more than that. Through the years OT has grown into a network of people who have worked in the hostel at different times or who are involved with the mission in other ways.

Practically the entire board is made up of hostel volunteers. The same is true for the faithful intercessors who come together the first Saturday of each month to bring the various aspects of the mission in prayer to God. And, in addition, there is growing circle of friends who through practical, encouragement or financial support, can always be counted on to help when needed.

The hostel in Spain is in fact a community, even though there is a continual coming and going of those involved. It is more a family than a business; brothers and sisters in Christ. And a circle of friends has also formed around the hostel in Spain.

One of the aspects of the vision is to work together with others. OT is thus part of a worldwide network of people who spread the Gospel among backpackers: (link to ‘theRiver’). This is an initiative with the intention of combining our strengths, praying for each other and sharing experiences. Various fruitful contacts have already emerged which, God willing, will eventually lead to different ways of cooperating in regard to new projects in Spain and India. For us, cooperation is a means of learning in order to reach greater effectiveness.