In the 1960s, one of the initiators of this foundation was a reli-traveler himself, a pilgrim, following the hippy-train to India, searching for “peace of mind”, a higher reality behind the visible world. During this journey the person of Jesus Christ became this reality for him. Totally unexpected for someone who was searching in India for his spiritual teacher, but very real nonetheless. Since then he has searched for an effective way to share his experiences with reli-travelers.

The co-founder has traveled extensively for his profession and while traveling came to believe in Jesus. Out of this grew a desire to bring people of many nationalities into contact with Jesus Messiah and with this goal in mind he has undertaken many activities. A meeting between the two men was thus inevitable. There was clearly common ground and so an inventory was made of possibilities for meeting reli-travelers who represent numerous nationalities. From this combination of visions, the Oasis Trails foundation was born.

Since the pilgrims’ trail to Santiago has increased in popularity it has become clear that many hikers are driven by the same restlessness as so many who, in the past, have sought their salvation in the east. Although they are often only vaguely aware of this, many are searching for God. That fact, among other things, was the motivation for us to open the hostel along the “James trail” where perhaps something of God’s love would become visible to the reli-travelers.

But the vision is broader than this. Today an incredible number of people travel for longer periods. They don’t do this without reason. It is a certain restlessness that moves them, perhaps out of dissatisfaction with our strictly-ordered society. A deeply-rooted yearning to explore the world. Searching for a place where everything is perfect? Perhaps a quest for the lost paradise. Such travelers are actually also pilgrims. We want to meet them and help them a little on the Way to that unreachable far Country that is within their grasp.