Privacy Statement

Oasis Trails Foundation
Oasis Trails is a foundation registered in the Netherlands. Oasis Trails processes personal data and other data in accordance with the applicable legislation. We consider your privacy very important and carefully handle your personal data. Your personal data will only be used by or on behalf of us and will not be made available to third parties. Below you will find exactly what you can expect from us and which rules we adhere to.

This privacy statement applies to the processing of:

  • the personal information provided by volunteers, directors, employees, interested parties, donors, relations and clients
  • data obtained as a result of your visit to and use of our website

Processing your data
Oasis Trails keeps a directory of volunteers, employees, administrators and relations. This information is used for sending our newsletter. Through the newsletter, involvement is stimulated. This is partly done via social media.

The work of Oasis Trails involves reaching people who are traveling with the gospel of Jesus. More specifically, we refer to pilgrims who walk the Camino de Santiago. We do this through a faith community that runs an inn. For this work financial resources as well as volunteers and employees and administrators are needed. Through newsletters, social media, events and promotion we hope to generate sufficient response to be able to carry out and expand the work.

We collect personal data such as name, address, place of residence, country, nationality and language, telephone number, e-mail address, gender, passport or ID card number and date of birth. The information we collect depends on the involvement. We collect other information from a donor than from a volunteer. We collect this information via our website and sometimes in person on paper. Email data is collected to inform you about our activities and needs and to witness what is happening in our community.

Oasis Trails makes use of Mailchimp’s services from time to time to be able to inquire by email. Oasis Trails is obliged by the Spanish government to upload guest data in a database of the local government service, the Guardia Civil.

View, change or delete data
You can request access at any time in the data we have recorded about you or have it changed or deleted. You can send your changes by e-mail to the administration of Oasis Trails: or by telephone via +34674801489.

Oasis Trails is required to request proof of identity before we can provide you with information about your personal details in our records. You can also submit a request by letter, with your name, address, telephone number and a copy of a valid ID, addressed to the administration of Oasis Trails.

Administration Oasis Trails, Calle Plaza 4, Villamayor de Monjardin, 31242, Navarra, Spain.

Oasis Trails uses a system when sending e-mail newsletters to gain insight into the way in which these e-mails are opened. You can also check whether you click the links in our e-mail. In this way Oasis Trails can further optimize its information to you and better tailor it to your interests. Our registration system also makes it possible to create selections, enabling us to approach specific target groups more specifically.

Unsubscribe e-mail newsletters
Do you want to receive fewer or no messages from us? Then you can unsubscribe at any time from the administration of Oasis Trails,

Contact with volunteers, employees, board members, relations and other interested parties
Oasis Trails informs about her work by e-mail, post, telephone and / or social media. Regularly, a request is made to support the work of Oasis Trails through a financial contribution and prayer.

Visit our website
Oasis Trails does not use cookies on its website. Your data will not be exchanged with third parties.

Oasis Trails has taken technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. In this way we ensure that personal data are only accessible to persons who are authorized to do so by their job and that we only use the personal data for the purposes for which they were obtained and therefore compatible purposes.

From time to time it will be necessary to change this Privacy Statement. Oasis Trails has the right to do so. We encourage you to occasionally check our Privacy Statement for possible changes.

Contact details
Our contact details for questions / comments / complaints regarding the processing of personal data are:

Oasis Trails Foundation
Calle Plaza 4, 31242 Villamayor de Monjardin, Navarra, Spain

Privacy statement Oasis Trails. Version: Sept 2018.