Holy places

We at Oasis Trails want to be active at the crossroads of spiritual paths. These are places where travelers from various cultures and religious streams are drawn to. They come here to worship or pray to their god(s) or holy people or simply out of interest or a desire to travel. Many religions have such places and regardless of secularization the interest has not diminished. Jerusalem is an old ‘topper’ and shrine of three religions. But pilgrims also travel to the home of the Dalia Lama, to the menhirs of Stonehenge and Graceland estate of Elvis…to mention only a few.

Camino de Santiago
In 1999 Oasis Trails began to pioneer on the Saint Jacob’s Path. This is the more than 1000 year old route to Santiago de Compostela, the “Camino”; one of the three most important pilgrimage sites of the Roman Catholic tradition. It is a site that since the 19th century, due to a legend, has been visited by hordes of pilgrims. This has resulted in one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the Catholic tradition, with the development through history from a chapel to a cathedral and a wealthy, growing city. Many millions have since followed this trail, often under extreme hardships, and for some, it was their last journey. The old route has become a succession of historical monuments rich in religious artifacts and known for its fascinating and entertaining anecdotes. Because a whole army of traders and merchants gathered along the Camino and even special bridges were built for the pilgrims, towns and cities began to form whose names often appear to have a connection with the Jacob-pilgrimage. This pilgrims’ route has also been elevated to the status of European Cultural Monument.