Step 1:
Fill in and send application form

Step 2:
Contact with Oasis Staff and Skype interview

Step 3:
Planning and contracts received, and travel information sent


Application form on website

This form can be used to apply to work with us as volunteer in the Albergue or Viana. When we receive people into our community or teams we like to know that both our expectations are realistic and matching. This form is to get to know you a bit better.

No answers are right or wrong, we are interested in your goal or journey with regards to topics, issues or perspectives. We hope to be a part of your journey towards the likeness of Christ. This is about getting to know where you are coming from and want to go to!

If you can read this information in English but you feel unable to freely express yourself in this language, you can also write to us in Dutch.

Information given remains confidential.