The Jesus Meditation

Entering this special space; feel welcome and at home.

We meditate here on the Way called Jesus. A daily bit of time

together with weary pilgrims seeking peace and security

and freedom from guilt-laden and painful emotions.


We believe in our immeasurably loving Creator, who is close by.

But we are so intensely busy with all sorts of things and live too narrow

to experience that; leave your thinking behind and quiet the turbulent heart.

Experience the purity of God’s love and grace; in Jesus you are free.


Meditation and belief in your Creator; they are two of a kind.

The apostle Paul was very well acquainted with these.

And what did Jesus and cousin John do in that arid land?

And that inner room, isn’t that simply our inside privately?


Meditation, contemplation; just as thought are a gift from God.

And, just as we really can reason ourselves silly,

we also can meditate ourselves into a foolish ego trip.

Only through surrender you discover the strength of the great command.


Be still in the bosom of the One, who is both dad and mom.

Relax every fiber of your being, even the coils in your brain.

Some music paves the way for a lovely touch as only God’s Spirit can.

Ruminate some Words; not just smattering, but for the deeper clue.


God is enthroned in the highest spheres and in the very humble heart.

When you, thus inclined, invite the Highest to come in

and neglect the temptations and accusations of the evil one,

then an ocean of true peace will be yours on your pilgrim’s path.