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What a lot of travelling is done these days. There is a constant stream of two million travelers in the air and a multiplied number of those who choose a more earthly means of travel. Traveling is done for business, for visiting, for running away, for a sunny vacation or simply to get away for a while. But a growing number of people are going away for a longer period of time, with a limited budget and a rucksack as their own baggage. Many travel as a sport; by bike or by foot, following old wanderers’ trails which can be found everywhere. Some of these trails lead to a special destination; a place of pilgrimage from ancient times. Where these pilgrimages were almost lost to memory, these trails are today being used by more and more hikers or bikers. Not so much because of religious traditions, but for the sport, and especially as an adventurous quest; a search for self or for God. Pilgrims on the way to the beautiful city of their dreams, beyond the next horizon.

© Martin Liebermann

                                                                        © Martin Liebermann We at Oasis Trails want to meet travelers at the crossroads of various spiritual journeys; crossroads at which a choice has to be made. We want to recommend such travelers the One Way; which does not disappoint, but which exceeds the greatest dreams. We want to welcome them as guests and show them the trustworthy Way. Have a look around this site. Maybe it will speak to you and you will want to work with us for the fulfillment of the great commission